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Facial Massage: antiageing/ lymphatic drainage/post face-lift and blepharoplasty and fillers.

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MLD- Manual lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction | VASER & Fat Transfer

London aesthetic surgeon Dr Dennis Wolf – – believes that MLD can help your recovery after cosmetic surgery procedures such as Fat Transfer for Breast or Buttock Augmentation or VASER body reshaping. Call 0800 170 1790 to Discover A Lot More

Sinus Cold & Flu Relief self Facial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Stuffy Nose massage routine

Watch till the end of the routine to get my tip on freeing up that mucus and snotty nose feeling. Please excuse my ghastly appearance, I've had hardly any sleep (as you can see from my eye bags) and felt super ill these past few days, but I just Discover A Lot More