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Aromatherapy Massage Tutorial – Back of the Leg, demonstrated by Helen McGuinness Helen McGuinness demonstrates the back of the leg massage as part of a full Aromatherapy Massage. The evidence of aromatherapy techniques exists as far back as civilisation itself. Records in the Bible around Discover A Lot More

Healing Music; Reiki Music; Massage Music; Reflexology Music for Wellbeing; Aromatherapy music 💜

Reiki Music - Meditation; Music for wellbeing, aromatherapy music - Reflexology music; massage music & healing music playlist with ocean sounds. 💜 Website: downloads available 💜 Follow us on facebook 💜 Discover A Lot More

Jojoba Oil & Eucalyptus Oil Mix for Skin : Massage Therapy, Oils & Aromatherapy

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Jojoba oil and eucalyptus oil mix is absolutely great for maintaining fresh and healthy skin. Make a Jojoba oil and Discover A Lot More