Full Body Massage (50 Minutes)

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18 thoughts on “Full Body Massage (50 Minutes)

  1. Joey Gagliardi

    It looked fantastic, however it looked as though she bruised him, just behind the left shoulder, could her hands be that strong, or was it just the lighting. Great and relaxing video.

  2. แก่แล้วแก่เลย I'm old woman.

    I try to have a massage from many therapist but I can't get the feeling that I want to. Omg

  3. Kremasmooth

    Looks like a decent demo that I could pick up some techniques from but could only tolerate 15 minutes of the audio, what is the point of that in this context.

  4. Christine Bedard

    Watching the stomach being massaged made me feel a little yucky.. haha. Honestly we learned this in massage school and I never really liked it. I never do it unless someone actually asks for it. Anyhow.. thank you for sharing this video. I actually have been out of practice for a good while and I am thinking of coming back. I can use some review. :)

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