Instant Focus In Less Then 3 Minutes | Couples Massage | Vlog 4

Drew returns a bag to his friend Eric Berman, who is getting a massage. Time for a couples massage, on the same table? Showing the FitLife making an impact wherever we go.

Drew calls in to Berman, he is getting a massage, “don’t have your bingbong out.” (Bing Bong Urban Dictionary:

“We are returning a backpack for our friend Berman, he left it at our house this morning.”
“It is good to do good things for your friends, especially when you have been blessed with the freedom of time.”

Before entering a room, center yourself get present, what is really going on? Who am I here to impact? Who is going to capture just a spark of this light? Who is going to be transformed when I enter this room?

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Let’s have some organifi!

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