Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for Sinus and Ear Infections, Cold & Flu Season and Allergies

Allergy season is upon us and it’s time to be proactive in addressing sinus congestion, pressure in the head and swollen lymph nodes.

As a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, clearing the lymphatics of the head and neck is so important to keeping the immune system functioning optimally.

In this video I show you how to do your own manual lymphatic drainage techniques to keep the ear, nose and throat lymphatic passages open and moving well.

Stagnant Lymphatic Fluid at the base of the neck is common with individuals who suffer from autoimmune disorders, lupus, RA, fibromyalgia often have a major bump here that is sore or painful and filled with lymphatic fluid.

Other tips:
1. Grab fresh ginger tea
2. Aromatherapy – peppermint and eucalyptus
3. Neti pot (…)

(More info about the lymphatics and sinus congestion)…

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12 thoughts on “Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for Sinus and Ear Infections, Cold & Flu Season and Allergies

  1. rashida005

    OMG I don't know you but I love you. I've been suffering for almost 2 days and not sleeping with clogged sinuses and have been netipotting, vapor inhaling, and taking tons of OTC meds non-stop with only a few minutes of relief here and there. But your video helped me finally get some lasting relief! I'm so grateful. Thank you.

  2. awesomemusic

    I have that lump of fluid at the base of my neck in the back. How do I reduce that? I have primary bilateral LE lymphedema. But, I suffer from frequent sinus infections. Just getting over one now.
    And I am also an advocate of ginger root! I love it. I also love to use coconut oil on my legs instead of lotions. It works great.

  3. pavan netha

    I read loads of good opinions on the net about how Sinuzolax Miracle (just google search it) will help you cures your sinus infection naturally. Has anyone tried this popular sinus infection home remedy?

  4. JPJustSayin

    This may be great information, but you really need to stress the correct procedures for the neck massage if you believe it is absolutely necessary. In general, medical professionals are taught never to do neck massages due to the carotid artieries and the dangers (fainting, stroke, or worse) in compressing those arteries.

  5. Jayshree Manase

    Hiee…plzz plzzz help me out..My mom is suffering from IIH..So I wanted to knw if this massage is useful for the drainage and any another massage is required…Plzz reply I need help

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