One thought on “Sihalath Siam Spa Thai Massage in Bolton

  1. peter roberts

    I have been here couple of time.   Had Thai massage for many years,, and this is not bad for uk (only 3 times I’ve been here),, but the first time when I agree 1.5 hours the lady just said sorry and only had 1 hour at no notice and
    disappeared?.   Was odd but let it go at the time… recently booked when in advance and even phoned 2 times on the day
    to check appointment was ok and minutes before my agreed appointment they said sorry Gina is ill,  huhh very odd,  why could they tell me when I phoned hours before?.  I turned up at the door and locked out with no massage even though I had appointment Unbelievable? The booking system is just terrible here and not sure how long this place will survive when the treat Clients in this manner?.  Best just turn
    up and don’t rely on any booking at this place.

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