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Ayurveda Four-handed Full-body Oil Massage Pt.2: Massage of Front & Herbal Bath/Roy Brewington

Ayurvedic four-handed synchronized full-body massage with sesame oil is an important treatment used in Ayurveda -the ancient Indian art of heeling which is said to be 5,000 years old. In this video the massage is followed by a herbal bath, with Discover A Lot More

Stop Hair Fall, Herbal “HOT” HAIR MASSAGE OIL to Get Long, Thick, Strong, Healthy Hairs

Also Watch: 100% Works, जादुई "हेयर टॉनिक/सीरम" 1 ही यूज़ में कमाल, Miracle "Hair Growth Serum/Tonic": https://youtu.be/3jiPXk7zMWg *********************************************************************** Hello Discover A Lot More